Thanksgiving and your Kitchen.

Thanksgiving Day is approaching and family gatherings are bound to happen despite of the pandemic in the background.  With that said, extra precautionary measures are necessary particularly disinfecting surfaces.

But before that step, check your kitchen for too old stuff, even broken or cracked countertops.  Old stuff creates molds and is not healthy.  Broken or cracked countertops  absorbs germs and bacteria which means uninvited creatures can settle in! Yikes!

So, is it time to unclutter? Yes! with every year, you get more stuff then accumulates more every year without realizing you had old items at the back of each pantry shelf. Is it time to replace cracked countertops? Absolutely! Beside eliminating housing for insects,upgrading your kitchen gives you better ROI (Return Of Investment) and definitely better home environment.

Need I say more? We at Paramount Quality Stone can help!  Visit our showroom and slabyard to select your new countertop.



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