Why Quartzite?

Quartzite has been trending as a countertop material in the past few years—and for good reason. With a look that is often similar to marble and a durability comparable to granite, this natural stone seems to have it all.

I would name Quartzite as a “designer’s choice”, because of its natural, glamorous beauty. Most designers ( at least ones I know) look for something different and integrates or uses it both for its aesthetics and function. Besides its exquisiteness, Quartzite’s strongest selling points is its hardness and durability. Quartzite is nearly twice as hard as glass and harder than the blade of a knife. It is also resistant to common kitchen acids and will not etch when exposed to things like lemon juice or vinegar.

Teal colored quartzite carribean sea wave
Paramount Quality Stone – Caribbean Sea Wave Quartzite


Caring for quartzite is similar to caring for granite. We would recommend wiping up counters regularly with a gentle cleanser, water, and a soft cloth or paper towel.

As with any surface, simple preventative measures should be taken to protect quartzite countertops. Wipe up spills and moisture as quickly as possible, and use coasters, trivets, and cooling racks. Utilize cutting boards, though perhaps not for the reason you’d expect: “Quartzite is extremely high on the Mohs hardness scale. When it’s that high, it could dull your knives.”

Does Quartzite require Sealing?

Taj mahal quartzite kitchen countertops bath vanity countertops
Taj Mahal Quartzite -Photo courtesy of Design-by-JC-Remodeling-Taj-Mahal-Leathered-Quartzite

Is sealing required for quartzite? It depends on the stone’s porosity.

Quartzites are made of metamorphosed sandstone. Depending on the amount of metamorphosis, each quartzite can be more or less porous. Porous varieties of quartzite, may benefit from the application of a good sealer. Many modern sealers can protect stone from 1-10 years, and some have stain removal warranties. Your fabricator or stone supplier can provide specific guidance on choosing the appropriate product for your stone.

Generally speaking, the best indication that a countertop needs sealing is to watch the area around the kitchen sink. If you notice the stone darkening around the sink from water, it may mean that a sealer is needed—or that the current sealer is becoming less effective. Make sure the stone is cleaned and allowed to dry completely before applying the sealer.


When you decide to select Quartzite for your kitchen or bathroom countertops, reach out to us.  Paramount Quality Stone has a huge inventory of natural stones,  with countless selection of exceptional quality quartzite stones.

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