Pet Friendly Natural Stone Flooring

Are you wondering if your floor material at home is pet-friendly or perhaps looking for one?  First let us learn about “natural stone”.

Natural Stone refers to a number of products quarried from the earth. They are product of the earth which comes with all the benefits!

Among other building floor materials, none is more elegant and luxurious than natural stone. Natural stone’s  individual beauty and character makes it unique.  Natural Stone is hygienic; meaning it creates surface that donot hold dust, hair or skin, making it suitable for many applications where hygiene is required or preferred. Thus, natural stone flooring is certainly suitable for homes with pets.  Well, there you go!

Being a “natural material” , it makes it one of the most durable materials on the planet. This durability and resilience gives pet owners some key benefits. A granite, marble, slate or travertine floor will not scratch easily, meaning your pets can run around to their heart’s content without damaging the floor beneath them.

We recommend all customers to seal their natural stone flooring, which helps protect the material from any nasty surprises.

Consider heated underfloor as stone flooring can be a chilly surface. Treat your pets to a comfortable furry rug or  bed for nap time – to make them feel warm.